Accredited Service Provider (ASP)

Connecting to Ausgrid & Endeavour Networks

We are an accredited Level 1&2 ASP company authorised to work on the Ausgrid and Endeavour Networks. This can only be done with quality systems in place, well-trained staff and technicians, maintained and well-equipped machinery and safety procedures to ensure our staff come home.

We can organise a level 3 design, take care of the applications and construct the overhead and underground network. We will get you connected with an informative, safe and quality installation.



Overhead & Underground Construction

  • Network pillar installation or alteration.
  • Direct distributor supply from the substation.
  • Kiosk Substations.
  • Indoor/Chamber Substations.
  • LV and HV jointing- polymeric & paper lead cable (PILC).
  • Street lighting installation or alteration.
  • Excavation works- trenching, UG boring, non-destructive digging,  rock sawing and rock hammering.
  • Conduit and cable duct installation.
  • Cable hauling.
  • Earthing of substations and HV poles.
  • Pole and cross arm install & replacement
  • HV & LV bare conductor or ABC Overhead cable construction.
  • HV & LV links (fuse/ link switch disconnector, ABS, USL & LBS) .
  • Pole Top transformer installation and pole construction.
  • Street lighting installation or alteration.
  • Tree trimming to maintain clearances from OH cables.
  • Termination of LV and HV UGOH
  • OH cable jointing.



The connection from the Network to Property & Metering

CLASS 2A/ CAT 1: Disconnect & Reconnect
  • D&R mains at PofA and relocation.
  • Rafter or facia brackets install or replacement.
  • UV damaged mains repair.
CLASS 2B/ CAT 2: Underground
  • Private pillars & pits install or replacement
  • Excavation works and conduit install.
  • Underground Service & consumer mains cable hauling.
  • Network pillar connections up to 400A
  • Special small services or (PUMS) un-metered supplies.
  • UGOH connections up to 400A.
  • LV joints and repairs.
  • LV direct fed consumer mains connection into Kiosk Substation.
CLASS 2C/ CAT 3: Overhead
  • OH Service mains up to 400A (ABC or bare conductor).
  • Mid- span overhead mains install.
  • Timber or Gal steel private pole install or replacement.
  • Cross arm install or replacement.
  • Pole fuses install or replacement.
  • Special small services or (PUMS) un-metered supplies.
  • UGOH connections up to 400A.
  • Tree trimming to maintain clearances from OH cables.
  • Tiger tail and insulation material install (Endeavour network).
CLASS 2D/ CAT 4: Metering
  • Removal or relocation of existing network metering.
  • Installation of smart metering (1 or 3 phase, solar and Off-peak).
  • Installation of MPDs (meter protection device).
  • Group metering (multi-residential or commercial units).
  • CT metering (above 100A).
  • Switchboard upgrade and alterations for new Smart meter installations, 3 phase upgrades or above 100A CT metered Main Switchboards.