Accredited Service Provider (ASP)

Connecting to Ausgrid & Endeavour Networks

We are an accredited Level 1 and 2 ASP company authorised to work on the Ausgrid and Endeavour Networks. This can only be done with quality systems in place, well-trained staff and technicians, maintained and well-equipped machinery and safety procedures to ensure our staff come home.

We can organise a Level 3 design, take care of the applications and construct the overhead and underground network. We will get you connected with an informative, safe and quality installation.



With an experienced team of linesmen and jointers, our Level 1 ASP expertise is focused on overhead and underground construction on the Ausgrid and Endeavour networks. Given that generally as part of these works there is an alteration to the existing infrastructure, Level 1 ASP projects can be more complex and intricate which is why you need highly skilled and knowledgeable experts.

When working on the network infrastructure, whether it be for overhead or underground, the scope of works can include kiosk and pole substations, timber poles, street lighting, network pillars, installation of HV and LV overhead conductors as well as underground cables.

Below is an outline of some of the key Level 1 ASP works that Alectrics Electrical Services provides:

  • Network applications (Ausgrid/Endeavour) 
  • Network pillar installation/alteration
  • Direct distributor supply from the substation
  • Kiosk substations
  • Indoor/chamber substations
  • LV & HV jointing 
  • Street lighting installation/alteration
  • Excavation works – trenching, UG boring, non-destructive digging, rock sawing & rock hammering
  • Conduit & cable duct installation
  • Cable hauling
  • Earthing of substations & HV poles
  • Network applications (Ausgrid/Endeavour) 
  • Pole & cross arm install & replacement
  • HV & LV bare conductor/ABC overhead cable construction
  • HV & LV links (fuse/link switch disconnector, ABS, USL & LBS)
  • Pole top transformer installation & pole construction
  • Street lighting installation/alteration
  • Tree trimming to maintain clearances from OH cables
  • Termination of LV & HV UGOH
  • OH cable jointing



As a Level 2 accredited ASP, our experienced Level 2 ASP electricians are a team of highly skilled experts committed to completing the connection of a customer to the infrastructure network. 

From Class 2A disconnect and reconnect through to Class 2D metering type 5 and 6 as well as installs, maintenance, repairs and emergency service works, Alectrics Electrical Service is here to help. 

Below is an outline of the key Level 2 ASP works that Alectrics Electrical Services provides:

CLASS 2A/ CAT 1: Disconnect & Reconnect
  • Network applications (Ausgrid/Endeavour) 
  • D&R mains at PofA & relocation
  • Rafter/facia brackets install and replacement
  • UV damaged mains repair
CLASS 2B/ CAT 2: Underground
  • Network applications (Ausgrid/Endeavour) 
  • Private pillars & pits install/replacement
  • Excavation works and conduit install
  • Underground service & consumer mains cable hauling
  • Network pillar connections up to 400A
  • Special small services or (PUMS) un-metered supplies
  • UGOH connections up to 400A
  • LV joints & repairs
  • LV direct fed consumer mains connection into kiosk substation
CLASS 2C/ CAT 3: Overhead
  • Network applications (Ausgrid/Endeavour) 
  • OH service mains up to 400A (ABC or bare conductor)
  • Mid-span overhead mains install
  • Timber or gal steel private pole install & replacement
  • Cross arm install & replacement
  • Pole fuses install & replacement
  • Special small services & (PUMS) un-metered supplies
  • UGOH connections up to 400A
  • Tree trimming to maintain clearances from OH cables
  • Tiger tail & insulation material install (Endeavour network)
CLASS 2D/ CAT 4: Metering
  • Network applications (Ausgrid/Endeavour) 
  • Removal & relocation of existing network metering
  • Installation of smart metering (1/3 phase, solar & off-peak)
  • Installation of MPDs (meter protection device)
  • Group metering (multi-residential/commercial units)
  • CT metering (above 100A)
  • Switchboard upgrade & alterations for new smart meter installations, 3 phase upgrades or above 100A CT metered main switchboards